Remodeling, Renovation, & Restoration

 While before 2008, we performed the occasional remodel, renovation, or restoration and focused mainly on new home construction, the opposite now holds true.
 Additions & Remodeling 
 There are houses for sale locally at reasonable prices, but very few fit the new owners needs or desires at closing. Some are dated, like a recent project sporting avocado green appliances and burnt orange shag carpeting. We have pulled kitchens and bathrooms into the 21st century with complete replacements, and refreshed functional areas with cabinet refinishing, replacement flooring, and countertops.
 Master bedroom/bathroom additions have been a recurring theme, allowing owners to add area and update at the same time. Tiled walk-in showers, screened porches and studies off the master suite, safe rooms, laundry pass-throughs, closet organization and gas fireplaces have all been popular items. 
 Elevators, chair lifts, dumbwaiters, ramps, attention to door & hallway sizes, and other accessibility concerns are features that we take seriously, allowing our clients to age in place, even in an elevated structure. 
One of the most popular additions is the garage, both attached and detached. In the flood plain, attention must be paid to the slab elevations and staying out of  the waterway setbacks. Most are single story with auto and shop in mind, but an increasing number of two story, with an apartments above are happening. 

Windows and exterior doors, even if they are of best construction, reach their age limit between 20 - 30 years, and need replacing. We prefer brands like Andersen and Pella, but also like a brand of vinyl window called Atrium, that offers cost savings without sacrificing quality. Attention to flashing details is rigorously enforced, as the best window is only as good as the weather resistance that goes around it.
Repair, painting and cleaning of an existing structure can rejuvenate a house, extending its lifespan, and adding many more years of enjoyment. It can also be a prelude to a house sale, allowing owners a stronger bargaining basis and enhanced curb appeal. We offer guidance and full renovation services.

     Many older houses have fallen on hard times after years of neglect, termites, water intrusion, and the sins of past carpenters. Many were built in a time when there were no codes and people stretched materials to their load limits. We have years of experience, among us, dealing with older houses and the problems that accompany them. 
     Most folks, in older houses, like the modern conveniences of the present but want to keep the look of the past. With our shop tools and molder/planers we can duplicate old trim, handrails, finishes, and exterior cornice detailing. Working around elderly homes has given us the historical perspective and knowledge base to know what works, and a bag of innovative solutions to deal with the degenerative problems of old structures.

     The possibilities are endless when it comes to remodeling and upgrading your house, and deciding where to put your dollars can be tough. The top six target projects tend to be; the kitchen, the master bath, interior painting, new flooring, curb appeal, and sunrooms.
     At Sykes Builders, we have been around long enough, to have learned from our mentors and our own painful mistakes, what it takes to successfully remodel, renovate or restore your project. We will fit the project to your vision & budget and endeavor to make the process a pleasant and engaging one.
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